About me

The short version:

After graduating med school in 2011 I spent a few years as a surgeon in training.

I left that path in 2015 because I wanted to do something with the sad state of hospital IT, and I thought I could do so through a startup.

That did not work out, but the attempt itself taught me more than the informatics studies I did simultaneously on the side.

In 2019 I became an advisor in the governmental agency responsible for planning and building hospitals in Norway. I'm currently in charge of functional IT for a medium-sized hospital construction project, where I operate a significant budget.

It's nice to have a 9-5 with undeniable meaning and societal impact. The work is high-level though, so I satisfy my craving for hands-on product development with side projects.

Over time, my stack preference for these side projects has been optimized for development speed. Especially after I became a father in 2022.

The current flavour:

  • First and foremost: React with a good component library. I find that chakra in combination with css grids and flexbox allows me to build interfaces almost faster than I can draw them in figma.

  • Where I earlier would have made a backend in python, I now use node/express, so I can reuse as much code as possible between the front- and backend, like typescript interfaces and validators.

  • Postgres for persistance. This one hasn't changed, except I've essentially stopped using ORMs.

  • Infrastructure is probably the area where I've «lost the most weight». After switching to Render, I regret the days sacrificed to sweating over build pipelines, containers, proxy servers, serverless functions and VPCs. Nor do I miss the reoccuring AWS surprise game «find the expense leak.»

  • Lemon Squeezy for payments, since it takes care of taxes in a way Stripe just doesn't.

  • Lastly: I enjoy working with interactive visualizations, so I have a sweet spot for d3. It has a tendency to find it's way into most of my projects sooner or later.