Jens M.

I'm a product generalist with a background in surgery.

In other words: I do everything from design and development to operating and leading technical teams. Whatever it takes to make interesting ideas come to life.

I'm especially interested in the intersection between medicine and game dynamics, as an approach to learning.

Side Projects

A plant VR set

Journey Mixer

A graphical user interface for Midjourney, the prompt-driven image generating AI. My first revenue-generating SaaS, however modest.

A plant VR set

One of several plug-ins I've made for the note-taking app Obsidian. This one achieved a strong product-market-fit, and is used by thousands. Unfortunately, open source means compensation is still scraps.

A plant VR set

A proof of concept audiometry (hearing test) device, built entirely in React. Not only does in actually work, it also features a unique audiometry progress chart that I think is a first of it's kind.

A plant VR set

Have you ever needed a tool to quickly assess contingent states of a dependency tree? No? Well, I have. So I built this. This project is the deepest dive I've done into d3 and graph programming.